Discovering the treasures of Umbria

13 December 2018
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Unspoiled nature, crystal clear water courses, romantic horizons embellished by villages and ancient castles: the green heart of the peninsula is a treasure trove of surprises to be discovered.
Umbria welcomes its many visitors and conquers them with a kaleidoscope of colors: the cold colors of the rocky highlands, the intense green of its lush expanses and the warm shades of its wonderful suburbs, draw breathtaking views.
The limestone and jagged ridge of the Sibillini Mountains, which separates Umbria from the Marche, creates a real contrasting scenario, where the rugged nature of the massif blends harmoniously with the gentle roundness of its thick hills, completely covered with flowers wild.
Although it is the only region not to be touched by the sea, it has undergone the influences of Etruscans and Romans who have left indelible traces of their passage, still admirable if you enter, through the intricate tangles of streets, in its eternal cities : enchanting villages, suspended between green hills or perched on the harsh karst reliefs.
The journey that offers you 160 Travel, to discover this wonderful land, is a journey of 6 days that will touch some of the most characteristic towns of Umbria, among natural beauties, history, art and ancient traditions. Let’s see together all the stages of our tour.


About 7 km from Todi, this small medieval village, in the province of Perugia that has just under 700 inhabitants, has long become a destination for thousands of pilgrims. Collevalenza is known mainly for the sanctuary of the merciful love of Jesus. Strongly desired by the Blessed Mother Speranza, the complex was designed by the Spanish architect Julio Lafuente around 1953 and is counted among the most significant expressions of sacred architecture of the twentieth century.
A mystical place in which to leave behind for a moment the frenzy of everyday life, to immerse oneself, with a sense of peace, in the nature in which the sanctuary is suspended and in its miraculous waters. Water is a recurring element in the Sanctuary, in addition to the well and the fountain, in fact there are also purifying tanks like those present in the Sanctuary of Lourdes and these are the only ones officially approved by the Catholic Church.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000, with its historic center, Franciscan sites and churches, Assisi is a real gem. Sculpted in the pink stone of Mount Subasio, the city lives and gives life to all visitors an atmosphere of profound spirituality that springs from the places of faith and the history of its saints. It is the land of St. Francis, the man who renounced all his goods to dedicate his life to the neediest.
We will visit the wonderful Basilica dedicated to him, which hangs over Mount Subasio, crowns and dominates the whole valley. Today, this harmonious combination of Gothic and Romanesque art is a strong appeal for millions of faithful from all over the world. The complex contains the frescoes of the most important painters of the 1200s and 1300s, in particular: the life cycle of St. Francis, the work of the great Giotto, the Stories of the Old and New Testaments and other splendid works signed by the Cimabue and the Torriti. We will also see the wonderful Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, which includes inside the Porziuncola, a small wooden church where St. Francis gathered in prayer.

The beating heart of the region, Perugia is a truly unique village, characterized by 5 historic districts crossed by a labyrinth of steep alleyways, guarded by the cycloptic squared boulders that make up the ancient Etruscan defensive walls.
Perugia will fascinate you for its cultural vitality, welcoming you in its historic center full of medieval towers, historic buildings, museums and churches of significant artistic depth, where the testimonies of the past are combined with contemporary works delineating a timeless scenery.
The Umbrian capital is not only rich in artistic beauty, it is also the birthplace of chocolate. For the greediest, there is a truly inviting route: from the Museo Storico Perugina, among the stories of Perugina products and the films that tell more than a century of history of the symbol of the Italian chocolatier art.

Passignano sul Trasimeno
Passignano is a fishing village on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, dominated by the Medieval Fortress that dominates the entire landscape.
The ancient medieval walls that surround the village, will make us travel in time to tell us the story of its transformation: from a small farming town in the era of the Roman Empire, to a fortress in the medieval period. At the end of the day, a magical atmosphere will accompany you on a relaxing and romantic walk through the reeds and water lilies of the largest lake in central Italy.

During the last leg of our journey, we will immerse ourselves in the green natural park that houses the Marmore Falls. A few kilometers from Terni, this spectacle of nature is considered one of the highest rapids in Europe. The singular name of the waterfalls derives from particular salts of calcium carbonate that are deposited on the rocks of the mountain: the sunlight, reflecting on the sediments, makes them look like precious crystals of white marble. A unique natural wonder of its kind.

A journey full of stimulating experiences awaits you, designed and planned in detail by our team. Contact us for more information, we are at your disposal.

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