We thought of a formula dedicated to group travel that allows you to choose between one of our tours and leave when you want and with whomever you want.

95.00 Alghero

A tour overlooking the sea, between Alghero and Bosa

A journey that will lead us to the discovery of two pearls on the west coast: Alghero and Bosa.

85.00 Miniere Rosas

The open-air park-museum of Narcao: The Rosas mines

Immersed in a varied flora and fauna, the Ecomuseo Miniere Rosas tells a story of over 150 years.

30.00 Su Nuraxi - Barumini. Credits: ales&ales. License: CC BY-NC-SA.

From a tiny island to a great archaeological treasure

Learn about our history, learn through fun: a tour for young and old between Sardinia in miniature and Barumini.

Chiesa di Bonaria - Cagliari. Credits: marmo81/shutterstock.com. License: CC BY-NC-SA.

Week-end between Cagliari and the Marmilla

From the green valleys of the Marmilla, among the flavors and inebriating aromas of its typical products, passing through the treasures of Barumini, until the discovery of a mysterious Cagliari.

Barumini - Su Nuraxi

An immersion between culture and wellness

Immerse yourself in an ancient history and let yourself be lulled by clear beneficial waters, for a weekend of pure relaxation.