From a tiny island to a great archaeological treasure

1 day
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Learn about our history, learn through fun: a tour for young and old between Sardinia in miniature and Barumini.

THE PRICE INCLUDES Entrance to the Parco Sardegna in Miniatura;
Entrance to the “Su Nuraxi” Nuragic Complex;
Multi-purpose center “G. Lilliu”;
“Casa Zapata” Museum Complex;
Europ Assistance insurance.
THE PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE Gratuities, extras, meals, entrances and anything not included in “the price includes”.
NOTES Groups min. 8 participants – max. 20 participants
All programs can be customized according to the needs of the guests.
PROGRAM Not available



1 day

Arrival in Tuili, a village located in the heart of the Marmilla, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.
First stop at the Sardinia Miniature Park which includes guided tours to the Museum of Astronomy, the Planetarium, Nature Park and free visits to the parrot aviary, to the Dinosaur park with the Ice Age, miniature boat ride around Sardinia, trip in a train around the park.
Free lunch in the picnic area or in the park restaurant.

In the afternoon we will continue with a visit to the Archaeological Complex of “Su Nuraxi” in Barumini, discovered and brought to light during the ’50s, thanks to the archaeologist Giovanni Lilliu. The area consists of an impressive complex nuraghe, built in different phases starting from the fifteenth century BC, and a large village of huts, which developed all around during the following centuries. A unique place and for this reason, since 1997, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Visit of the new “Giovanni Lilliu” Cultural Communication and Promotion Center of Cultural Heritage, which today offers numerous and interesting exhibitions and pursues the objective of promoting Barumini as a meeting point and enhancement of the Province of Medio Campidano.
We will continue to discover another wonder: “Su Nuraxi ‘e Cresia”, a complex nuraghe that came to light in the 90s during the restoration of Casa Zapata, an ancient noble residence of the Sardinian-Aragonese barons, built from the half of 1500, above the ancient nuragic building. Today the Spanish residence, which also includes a beautiful garden overlooking the parish church, is home to the so-called Casa Zapata Museum Center, organized in three sections: Archaeological, Historical, Archival and Ethnographic.

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